Thursday, March 17, 2011

Important Updates: For minors who are planning to attend on 20th.

We have an important announcement regarding 20th.
As the venue has over 21 policy, please come with your parent(s) if you are underage and would like to come support.
Please be aware that the venue has given such a generous offer to give us this time in such a short time notice. We appreciate your understanding.

Another update is that there are two more vendors who are willing to donate their works.
One is Brown Rice Family's organic soap.
The band who is playing on 20th is also a wonderful soap maker.

Another one is Sky Kim. She is donating her drawings for the cause.

Also, we will start the art crafts sale around 5:30pm, so it will be good idea if you would like to browse these wondeful things without missing the performances.

That is it for now.
More to come later

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