Saturday, March 19, 2011

If you are underage and want to come support on 20th/ Other organization, Japanese Consulate Official donation

Hello there,

We just need to make important note about +21 policy.
Please make sure to bring your ID tomorrow.
Entire Lower East Side including The Living Room is very strict about this.

If you could come with your parent(s), you will be fine.
If not, we are really sorry for letting you know about this late.

However, you can still donate money through other organization.
Speaking of that, on the very bottom of this article, we would like to list some of the major organizations that are accpeting donation toward the Japan Earthquake relief.



1) Consulate of general Japan's information page (charity event info)

Also they are accepting donation directly at this point.
You can make donation through bank anywhere in the US.

2)NY cares for Japan.
(Portal site to list many of the charity events related the Japan Earthquake.)

3)Red Cross

4) Salvation Army

5) Japan Society

6)国境なき医師団日本支部 (Only Japanese page available)

And please let us know if you know more information resources for other organizations and causes.

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